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In the case of a long time offensive

Le 8 December 2017, 05:10 dans Humeurs 0

In the case of a long time offensive, Arsenal once increased the offensive force Craig Adams Jersey, and such a stormed also left room for Manchester United's counterattack, the Reds played by Lukaku's pivot point has been Lingarde's speed in the follow-up match Played a high-quality counterattack Tom Kuhnhackl Jersey. Last season Arsenal 2-0 victory over Manchester United, Wenger is the first team to defeat Jose Mourinho 13 years in the league Ben Lovejoy Jersey, the field if the professor can beat Mike Mussina, Arsenal will be the first time since 1991 at home Manchester United's three-game winning streak Arsene Wenger and Mussina had a total of 18 games confrontation, Professor 2 wins, 7 draws and 8 losses at a disadvantage, but the past four clashes Wenger 2 wins, 1 draws and 1 loss dominant, Mourinho led the road ahead against the league six The name of the team has also won 11 consecutive games can not be won, five draws and six losses. Earlier, Barcelona, ??Real Madrid, Juve, Arsenal, Bayern and many other teams hope to get Graitz Mike Condon Jersey, many giants hope to sign the German international free next summer. The latest news from Sky Sports is that Manchester United also hopes to introduce Gertzka in the summer of next year. Taking into account Makhtatta play downturn this season, Armenians may leave Old Trafford Stadium next summer, so Jose Mourinho consider introducing Gretska is not surprising.

The Rojo backcourt directly Lucaiku

Le 8 December 2017, 05:09 dans Humeurs 0

The Rojo backcourt directly Lucaiku big foot found, which won the first advantage with the physical control of the second place Mashaal sent a direct pass Craig Adams Jersey, Lin Jiade Zacha's slip away After the shovel facing Cech face, unfortunately, the ball did not escape Cech's ten finger off. Easy side battles, Guardiola replaced with Jerusu Danilo. The first 50 minutes, Ma Suya 35 meters away from the cold shot was easily resolved by Edson. The first 53 minutes, Silva restricted the frontier edge, Sane broke into the restricted area after the low ball cross, the left foot Jinsus small crowded area Qiangdian Tuen shot, the ball was Adrian with the ball denied. The first 55 minutes Sidney Crosby Jersey, Les Arcs left kick down Delph, gave Manchester City a good free kick opportunity, Derbyshire right foot arc goalkeeper sealed the sideline. Manchester City right side of the ball threw, Geosu dribbling into the restricted area Jeff Zatkoff Jersey, the low ball swept pass the restricted area Central, Otamendi Qiang Tiangue Tuishe break, 1 to 1, both sides back to the same starting line. Schalke 04 hope to leave the player with high salaries, they gave Gretzka a 12 million euros annual salary, of which 10 million euros is a fixed annual salary, which is the highest historical Schalke 04 salary, we can see, The Bundesliga team did not want him to leave Brian Dumoulin Jersey, but at the moment Gretska is still eager to move to a wealthy. Once Gletszka refuses to renew his contract with Schalke 04, he is sure to arouse the looting of European giants, one of the hottest players in the transfer market next summer.

This time is Lukaku retracement back

Le 8 December 2017, 05:09 dans Humeurs 0

This time is Lukaku retracement back to do the ball, Lin Jiade scored the ball after the ball into the frontier in the restricted area to Pogba Bryan Trottier Jersey, the French star then in the body of confrontation with the senior Koscielny occupy an absolute advantage Paul Coffey Jersey, Lin Jiade send empty door gift, which scored twice to expand the score to two goals. It is worth mentioning that Zakar in this defensive look a little "fan" Mark Recchi Jersey, he neither to block forward Lukaku, not even staring at the next Lingarde. The same is true of Arsenal, although their turnover last season, although not so exaggerated Manchester United, but there are 424 million pounds. Arsene Wenger may not be a good tactician, but definitely a good football manager, his tactics so that Arsenal, the economic benefits of these years getting better and better. Manchester United and Arsenal summed up last year's total print money of 1,005 million pounds, the first time in Premier League history of a game against both parties total turnover of more than 1 billion pounds. Premiership high TV revenue and excellent commercial advertising so that major clubs make it to fly to heaven, Manchester United and Arsenal last season's turnover than the previous season increased by double-digit percentage points Kael Mouillierat Jersey.

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